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Home of the University of Iowa Breakers on the web! Current Fall Practice Schedule: 7-9PM at The UI Field House Rm 471 M-Th. The UI Breakers are a student org specializing in Breaking/Hip Hop/Popping Dance styles. for more info
Mon Apr 4

All Iowa Jam 3: Jam Harder

This coming Saturday, April 9th. The UI Breakers will be throwing All IA Jam 3. All Iowa is a smaller jam focused on circles, fun exhibitions, and just general vibes with your fellow dancers! It will be at..

MOvMNT Dance Center709 2nd Avenue Southeast in Cedar Rapids

..for 5 bones. See you there!
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All Out Kids made it to top 16 in St Louis this past weekend! UI Breakers hitting the competition circuit hard!

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Thu Mar 31

A show we did in the winter…

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Some Shows coming up…

Hey all…this coming Sunday we’ll be doing a workshop and performing at The Celebrate Cultural Diversity Festival at 4pm in room 462 of the Field House.     for more info!

This will be after we get back from Show Me Stylez 3 in St Louis. The UI Breakers are making moves!

Check back for lots of new content coming at you in the coming weeks…New interviews with old and brand new members, new videos, articles, and tons of info on local performances and of course info on I Ought Wreck 4!!!

-Chu Chu

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Wed Mar 24

Wild Style

This Friday 3 of your very own UI Breakers will be judging a jam in Columbus Junction, IA. Check it.. Wild Style at the Las Vegas Ballroom. Address is…

118 Walnut St.

$5 per person

$8 per crew.

This should be an extremely dope and intimate jam so bring a friend and support! Doors open at 5:30.

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UI Breakers Newsletter vol….4!

Why hello there! Yes it has been a little while. If you look in the top right corner its been since October to be frank. No the UI Breakers haven’t been missing in action, if anything it’s been me, the writer of this article that has been. Which is as good any segue into our fourth in the ongoing UI Breakers Newsletter: So You Wanna Learn to Break?

Vol 4

Peaks and Valleys

In any creative endeavor you will have ups and downs, that’s what makes us human. In Breaking we readily acknowledge the downs; off days, not feeling it, etc. We’ll get to the downs in a bit but what about the ‘ups’? The on days where you are feeling it, sticking your moves and coming up with creative moves, seemingly out of nowhere.

In order to create and to continue to create effectively you as a Breaker need to dissect your ‘on’ days. Think back on the when and the why. When was the last time you had a really great session? What were the circumstances? Was it at the first practice back from a long break? Was it in a circle? Was it at a different practice spot? Think about when you danced and really felt it, then think about the circumstances surrounding it. Within these musings you’ll eventually stumble upon some ‘whys’. First off, be open to any ‘why’ that your mind comes across even if it seems stupid. I’ll tell you straight up if I get a new pair of fresh kicks, that next practice is going to be above average. It may seem odd but we’re human before we’re dancers and humans are fickle when it comes to our ups and downs. Our responsibility to ourselves is to take all these ‘whys’ and to acknowledge and comprehend them. Don’t artificially plug them into your life- I’m not going to buy new shoes every week- But instead understand whats at the root of the why. For me, there’s a correlation between how I dress, how I feel, and how I dance, if I’m in a bad place in life, running around with sweat pants and a shirt I don’t like, eventually that negativity will seep into my dancing.

Which leads me to the ‘downs’, the off days. Dissect your off days in the same why that you do your ups. Soon you’ll find that your off days are a little trickier. People tend to remember the good times and lump & muddy the bad times together. Think through , break it down, figure out whats going on. Different things affect different people: You and your significant other having trouble…does that help or hurt your dancing? (I’ve seen it go both ways). You may unearth not pleasant things but keep on digging until you fully comprehend whats going on.

Which brings me to my last point. Figuring out, isn’t going to ‘help’, all the time. Shit happens and we will always have off days (months, a year?). Our job isn’t to get rid of them but to understand them. I’d argue that we absolutely need an occasional off day in order to appreciate those times that we’re up. If its at the same level all the time then we’re not really doing something worthwhile and human.

Basically, know yourself. I’m crazy paraphrasing Ken Swift now but in order to be a good bboy or bgirl you first have to be a good human being.

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Wed Oct 14

Highlight clip from the semi finals and up of I Oughta Wreck Again! My computer is ghetto and old so some of the clips are a little shaky from wonky editing issues but I think it captures the jam fairly well.

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Fri Oct 9

UI Breakers at SHOUT. We had no monitors so it was really difficult to hear our music, but it turned out well in the end!

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Tue Oct 6

UI Breakers at Shout

Hey all, the UI Breakers will be performing for the homecoming festivities Thursday at 7pm at the Pentacrest. We will be performing for Iowa Shout! a talent competition usually reserved for the Greek life on campus. Check it if your in town and dress warm!


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Thu Oct 1

Video from the DI article!

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